ZOSO Fashion

In just 15 years, Zoso Fashion has grown into a successful Dutch women's fashion label. Based in our charming office in Amsterdam, we design collections specifically for the Zoso woman and welcome buyers in our showrooms.

Our approach to fashion goes beyond just appearance; we value how it feels. Every garment is characterized by a balance between style and comfort. Our collections are elegant, sporty, feminine, and casual, always with a business touch. Luxury and comfort are central; from simple and stylish to bold patterns and designs, there is a perfect look for every woman.

The focus is not only on appearance but also on the quality of materials and the production process. We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our production processes by collaborating with suppliers who share our vision for the future. Our collections are proudly designed in our office in Amsterdam, where materials and colors are carefully crafted into a beautiful collection for the true Zoso woman. With a small and dedicated team, we embrace new challenges in the dynamic world of fashion. We evolve with trends but never forget our core values: timeless, comfortable, sporty, and feminine collections.